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5 Tips for Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentist

What should a customer expect from a cosmetic dentist?

With most of the country having been shut down since mid-March, many people are searching for a means to improve their social and business interactions. Selecting a qualified cosmetic dentist might be difficult. Here are some factors of Dentist Bellaire that can assist you in making an informed decision:

#1. Experience

Because aesthetic dentistry is not recognized as a specialty by the ADA, there is no requirement for postgraduate training to become a cosmetic dentist. Experience counts. The first question to ask when selecting a cosmetic dentist is how long the doctor has been performing aesthetic treatments. Most successful cosmetic dentists have taken numerous continuing education hours from other specialists in the field and used these skills to enhance their expertise.

#2. Ask to check their work

On their website or social media, experienced cosmetic dentists may show you past cases. These cases might include a fascinating backstory that explains the patient’s main complaint, as well as the difficulties the dentist faced and how the excellent outcomes were achieved.


#3. What kind of cosmetic treatments are available?

Teeth whitening (also called bleaching), bonding (applying a tooth-colored resin to the tooth surface), porcelain veneers (thin shell of porcelain are applied over the teeth), orthodontics (traditional or clear aligners), and gum reshaping are just a few examples of cosmetic dentistry. Be wary of a dentist who simply offers a few of these services. However, full mouth cosmetic treatments can result in outstanding outcomes but commonly need costly and invasive therapies. Inquire about more conservative and less expensive dental restorations. The less intrusive therapies are sometimes the finest option.

#4. Is the dentist using cutting-edge technology?

We are shifting from an analog to a digital dentistry era. The technology currently available to the cosmetic dentist enables her to design the smile before beginning any treatments. In-face visualization allows the patient to view a simulation of their new smile in its entirety prior to undergoing treatment. Consider this a much more powerful version of Photoshop. Before beginning, the patient may compare different smiles side by side. Would you want your teeth to be longer in the front and rounder in the rear? These possibilities may be visualized in either two or three dimensions. In-face visualization is effective whether the ultimate treatment choices are whitening, orthodontics, resin bonding, veneers, or dental implants.

#5. Is the dentist a ceramist who uses high-quality materials?

If the last treatment is porcelain crowns or veneers, you may inquire about the laboratory that will be utilized. The cosmetic dentist will prepare the teeth for the porcelain restorations and take a digital scan to send to the laboratory after a final design has been discussed with the patient. The lab ceramist uses science and technology to create art and beauty through the creation of works. A professional ceramist has years of training that must be mastered to produce a beautiful and natural product. Don’t be afraid to inquire about the dental laboratory that will be involved in the procedure. In certain situations, a video conversation with the ceramist may be requested.

Making the decision to have cosmetic dentistry should be a well-considered process. When you do your research, you’ll feel secure in your investment and pleased with the results. Contact us online or call 713-667-8080 to directly book a cosmetic dentistry appointment at David Fisher DDS’s clinic.


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