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7 Facts About Your Sports Mouth Guard

Mouth guard

Do you participate in a contact sport? If so, you should inquire about getting a bespoke mouth guard from your Dentist Bellaire. If you are struck in the face, a mouth guard helps to protect your teeth and gums.

Don’t let your season be ruined by an emergency dental visit. The greatest way to preserve your smile is to purchase a pleasant mouth guard, which you can do when you’re playing your best game.

Here are the details you need to know about your sports mouth guard.

1. Mouth guards protect your teeth by keeping your mouth safe.

If you don’t wear a mouth guard, you’re more likely to get hurt. As a result, some contact sports necessitate the use of mouth guards.

A sports mouth guard acts as a protective barrier for your upper teeth, lowering the potential of injury. For example, if you’re tackled on the football field, a mouth guard can help you avoid losing a tooth. It will also safeguard you if a basketball player extends out his arm to collect a rebound and strikes you in the mouth.


2. A mouth guard is only required for the top teeth.

You’ll only need a mouth guard for the top teeth if you don’t have braces. Not only will this assist you in breathing more easily during the game, but it will also make for a more comfortable fit.

Some sports, on the other hand, are exceptions. Boxers, for example, must wear mouth guards that cover both the top and bottom teeth. This is due to the fact that they are more likely to be hit in the jaw.

3. Every six months, you should replace your mouth guard.

Your mouth guard will wear down over time, revealing signs of usage. That is why it’s critical that you replace it every 6 months or when it begins to look ragged. If the material is becoming thin, your sports guard will not protect you as effectively.

It’s also crucial that you don’t chew your mouth guard, as this will wear it out faster.


4. You Need to Clean Your Mouth Guard Before You Use It

Bacteria and other microorganisms flourish in dark, damp places. These microscopic organisms not only can make you sick, but they may also cause halitosis.

After every game and practice, clean your mouth guard. This can be easily achieved by gently brushing your night guard with a wet toothbrush after cleaning it. After that, place your night guard in the container we provide for you.


5. You can acquire a mouthguard for braces.

If you have braces, we recommend that you use a mouth guard when playing contact sports. It might take months or even years to complete orthodontic therapy. You don’t want to lose a tooth during a game because of something you did.

A mouth guard will also protect your wiring and brackets from harming the soft tissue in your mouth.

We suggest ordering a made-to-order mouth guard. Your appliance will not be too tight and interfere with your dentistry if you get one. A loose mouth guard, on the other hand, might catch on to your braces.



6. Stock mouth guards should be avoided entirely.

A custom mouth guard, on the other hand, provides a higher level of protection than a store-bought mask. Because they’re one-size-fits-all, they frequently fit too tight or too loose. Generic mouth guards are also constructed of less durable materials that are prone to tearing.


If you want to play for the entire season, a custom mouth guard is a smart investment.

If you’re waiting for a custom mouth guard, we recommend using a ready-made one until then. While it doesn’t provide the same level of protection, it’s better than nothing.


7. The cost of mouth guards is less than the cost of immediate care.

Getting a sports mouth guard not only safeguards your teeth, but it also protects your money. Emergency dental treatment is far more expensive than purchasing a mouth guard.

We also don’t recommend cutting corners with a factory mouth guard from your local sporting goods shop. A knock-off mouth guard is less expensive than one from your dentist. However, they do not provide the same degree of personalized protection.


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