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8 Causes for Tooth Pain

Gum Disease Symptoms

Do you feel a sharp pain around your mouth? And are your teeth sensitive? Tooth pain is commonly defined as an intense feeling of pain that you feel around your mouth at a specific area, such as a particular tooth or it can also be an area depending upon the circumstances and causes. It is basically a reaction from the nerve attached to your tooth which is irritated.

It can be due to various reasons, but mainly, it can be due to a decaying tooth or an injury around the mouth. Or it can be a result of some recent dental surgeries such as extraction. According to research, the pain in the tooth can also be a result of some other parts of the body that is hurting or is sensitive. There are many fundamental reason for having toothache:

Irritation in Gums

Gums are an important part of the dental structure as it keeps the nerves and other veins connected to the teeth secure. Irritation in gums is caused by not taking your dental hygiene seriously which gives an open room for bacteria to live and grow on the remains present in your teeth. Not cleaning your gums causes it to get inflamed, as a result, it gets swollen and bleeds. It is also one of the reasons that a person gets intentional toothaches.

Irritation and Redness in gums

Toooth Fracture

Tooth Fracture is basically a split that goes from the outer layer of the tooth which is enamel towards the internal lining of the gums. The cause of the split is due to excessive grinding and clenching teeth. It also occurs as a result of chewing extra hard foods and it can also happen because of having a hard fall. All the reasons cause the tooth to split and give severe pain to the tooth.

Bacterial Infection

Bacterial Infection is a storage of pus around different corners of teeth. It is caused by bacteria that are present because of disregarding dental hygiene. The pain caused by this bacterial Infection is so severe that it is felt around the neck and ear.

Tooth Decay

8 Causes for Tooth Pain

Tooth Decay is defined as the destruction of the hard covering of a tooth which is known as enamel. Tooth decay results in holes made in the tooth. It is caused by eating sugary foods and beverages. If not treated at an early age it results in extreme pain and can cause loss of a tooth.

Broken Filling

When a new filling is done, it has higher chances of getting slipped when applied a higher pressure to it. It can fall out when food gets into the space of filling and by the force of chewing it slides out which results in pain around the tooth.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth often come through the gums in weird positions sometimes without enough space which doesn’t let other teeth and tongue to move around freely and it pokes it. It causes pain in the tooth.

wisdom teeth pain

Gums Recession

Certain people have teeth with the outer covering which is present to protect the internal sensitive structures. In this condition the gum line recedes. This results in high sensitivity issues leading teeth to get intense pain when in contact with cold or hot substances.

Sinus Pain:

8 Causes for Tooth Pain

Sinus Pain causes tooth to feel pain in the upper side teeth because of the pressure of fluid build up in the sinuses.

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