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A Dentist for the Twenty-First Century: Better Technology, Better Dentistry

A Dentist for the Twenty-First Century: Better Technology, Better Dentistry

When it comes to selecting a 21st Century Dentist, what characteristics are you considering? Do you want a 21st Century Dentist who is educated and skilled as well as able to provide outstanding outcomes? Alternatively, are you concerned about having a 21st Century Dentist Bellaire Tx who explains everything so that you know what to anticipate? The most critical consideration is probably time – you don’t have any, so you want someone who can get the job done effectively and quickly.

What about the newest technology? Is it essential to you to locate a dentist that is cutting edge in terms of technology? What if you could have it all? You don’t have to sacrifice compassion for competence, and technology is frequently associated with excellence.

Today’s dental treatments are quick, more pleasant, and more productive than ever before. Technology allows for better dentistry through the use of technology. Treatment that might have taken a long time or numerous visits in the past can now be completed rapidly and efficiently. The comfort of the wetsuit is boosted, as well as the time it takes to recover.

Furthermore, many of the newest diagnostic equipment now allow your 21st Century Dentist to see your gums and teeth much better, as well as provide you with an opportunity to watch both the issues and outcomes of your treatment while you’re still in the chair. Whether you need a higher-end toothbrush or digital X-rays, Dedicated Dental is committed to using the most up-to-date technology to enhance your visit and provide high-quality dental treatment.


21st Century Dentist


Handpieces that are not very loud

When you tell others you’re going to the dentist, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely a drill. However, it’s really the sound that people are afraid of when they’ve ever been subjected to one. Technology, on the other hand, has made dental work considerably quieter. Air-driven handpieces (or, as you know them, drills) are more efficient and precise, resulting in better results. This drill produces less noise because of a well-balanced turbine that lowers the pitch (or frequency) of the noise generated. The well-balanced ball bearings produce little vibration, allowing the dentist to have greater accuracy and a more pleasant experience for the patient.

In- dental camera

Have you ever attempted to shoot a video in your mouth? Even as smartphones get smaller, the view would still be restricted. New intraoral cameras, about the size of a toothbrush, provide dentists 3-dimensional viewing of your mouth’s interior. Your dentist will be able to see and examine things like gum disease, mouth ulcers, and fractured teeth with this gadget. The pictures may also be viewed on a flat screen TV so that you can see what’s going on for yourself. This allows you to have a deeper understanding of what is happening in your mouth and how treatment will assist. Patients that are informed are more pleased and have better results as a result of taking part in their treatment.

X-rays on a panoramic scope

X-rays are taken in three dimensions, while panoramic X-rays capture x-ray images from all angles. They can capture whole mouth and jaw landscape X-rays. That means they may show the dentist everything from your teeth to your sinuses to your nasal tubes to your temporomandibular (TMJ) joints. The TMJ examination enables the dentist to evaluate the health of your jaw, including whether there are any issues with it. The technique is simple and painless, utilizing a high-quality panoramic machine that is motorized and centrally controlled for easy positioning. These evaluations may help your dentist plan the ideal therapy for you. You will also be able to view the images, which can aid in comprehending your diagnosis and care planning.

Digital Oral X-rays

Dental X-rays have a long and illustrious history in dentistry. They allow the dentist to look “through” your teeth and jaw to find flaws such as decay, bone loss, or fractures that might go unnoticed by the naked eye. Follow-up X-rays may also be used to evaluate the success of dental therapy.

Using a variety of techniques, the Dentist in Bellaire Tx will examine your teeth and jaw from various angles. Bitewing X-rays provide single views of the top and bottom back teeth, allowing for the detection of decay or bone loss. Periapical X-rays provide a complete view of the tooth, including the root and bone of the jaw, allowing the dentist to assess for issues beneath the gums, such as abscesses or impacted teeth. Occlusal X-rays reveal other teeth, fractures, and abscesses. While these views might be old dentistry practices, today’s digital X-rays provide several advantages over their predecessors. First, they use less radiation than regular X-rays. It’s incredibly simple to use and makes it significantly easier for both dentists and patients. Both dental offices and individuals may purchase the same equipment that they will then use in their daily practices.



Automatic Vital Sign Monitoring

The safety of your teeth is important to your dentist, who is an important member of your healthcare team. Dental operations may be stressful for anybody, regardless of age or health status. Each patient’s needs are different. You may have other medical issues that must be considered while we treat your dental problem. That is why we conduct vital sign monitoring electronically during treatments. If there is a change in any of your vital signs that requires intervention, we want to be informed as soon as possible so that we may react appropriately.

Please call David Fisher DDS today at (713) 667-8080 or request an appointment online to learn more about the most up-to-date technology we are using to provide improved dentistry, or if you have any other dental issues you want to discuss.


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