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Tooth Sensitivity: An Undiagnosed Dental Condition

Contribute to Tooth Sensitivity

Discomfort, when you consume certain foods and beverages, can have a negative impact on your overall quality of life. Left undiagnosed chronic tooth sensitivity could allow a significant dental health problem to gradually worsen. If you’ve been dealing with persistent or worsening tooth sensitivity, you should still have the underlying cause of the problem diagnosed at David B. Fisher D.D.S.’s dental clinic. After assessing the nature and severity of the problem Dr. David B. Fisher and his staff will help you understand your treatment options.
Sometimes tooth enamel erosion from poor oral hygiene practices and consuming acidic beverages can be attributed to tooth sensitivity discomfort. The persistent acidic environment in your mouth could cause microscopic pores of tooth enamel to expand, thus exposing the sensitive dentin layer within the tooth.

In a case like this Dr. David B. Fisher can help rejuvenate the mineral strength of your tooth enamel with a simple fluoride treatment. If necessary, he might also provide you with prescription fluoride supplements to maintain the integrity of your teeth between dental checkups.

In some cases of worsening tooth sensitivity, untreated cavities on multiple teeth can be afoot. If the cavities are not treated the tooth decay can spread. In time, it could penetrate deep into the gums causing a dangerous infection or abscess to develop.

If you live in the Bellaire, Texas, area and you are struggling with chronic tooth sensitivity, you should call (713) 667-8080 to seek professional diagnosis and treatment at David B. Fisher D.D.S.. Book your appointment with Dr. Fisher the best Houston Dentist now!!!

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