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Common Types of Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

When you have a cavity and need a filling, you’ll be presented with multiple options from which to choose. Here at David B. Fisher D.D.S. in Houston Dentist, Texas, we take the time to sit down with you and discuss all the different types of fillings and your specific needs, so that we can match a solution to fit whatever dental problems you have that need fixing. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of dental fillings.

Amalgam fillings
These are the most common types of fillings used in dentistry today. These are the most affordable fillings and are made from a variety of metals, including mercury and tin. They’re durable, but don’t match the color of your teeth.

Composite resin
A composite resin filling is a bit more expensive than an amalgam filling, but it has the advantage of being able to match the color of your teeth. So if you have a cavity that needs filling in a very visible part of your smile, a composite resin filling may be your best bet.

Gold fillings
Yes, it is possible to get a filling made with gold! As you can probably imagine, gold fillings are on the expensive side of things, and of course, the gold color of the filling won’t match your tooth color. However, gold fillings have the advantage of lasting for more than 15 years on average thanks to their increased durability when compared to amalgam or composite resin fillings.

If you have a cavity in need of a filling, don’t wait any longer. Call us today at (713) 667-8080 and call us today to schedule an appointment where you can discuss your filling options with Dr. Fisher.

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