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Crowns vs. Veneers 

Crowns vs. Veneers — How to Choose the Right Option

Cosmetic dentistry has allowed individuals to wear a great smile with confidence and get rid of their dental imperfections. At David B. Fisher D.D.S., we understand how important it is for you to enhance the overall look of your smile and therefore offer two of the most effective options available — Crowns and Veneers.

Many people, however, find it difficult to differentiate between the two and face difficulty when trying to decide which one is right for them. In this article, we will educate you about the differences between the two so that you can make a well-informed decision to restore your beautiful smile.

What Are Crowns?

The purpose of both, dental crowns and veneers Bellaire, is to provide a covering to the tooth that has function or appearance issues. A crown is a covering made of porcelain which successfully hides the damaged appearance of the tooth and acts as a cap for the entire tooth. A significant area of the tooth is covered with the help of a crown.

What Are Veneers?

veneer, on the other hand, is not as thick as a crown and is bonded to the front layer of the tooth to improve its overall appearance. A veneer is in the form of a very thin layer of porcelain or ceramic and closely resembles the color of your enamel. To apply a veneer, the dentist removes some part of the existing enamel so that the bonding becomes stronger.

Dr David Fisher Crowns vs. Veneers

When to Choose Crowns

If your tooth extends beyond a slight misalignment, you might need to consider a dental crown. A crown is used to repair the appearance and structure of teeth that have been significantly damaged or after a root canal has been completed. The tooth is therefore prevented from getting further damaged with the help of a dental crown.

When to Choose Veneers

If you suffer from Bellaire dental problems such as stained teeth, chipped teeth, gaps between the teeth, asymmetrical teeth, or any other kind of slight misalignment, you should opt for a veneer instead of a crown. It should, therefore, be seen as an aesthetic solution for appearance-related problems. Since there isn’t a lot that needs to be done to the existing tooth, a veneer is seen as a less-invasive solution than a crown.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Options

Dental Crown

  • The thickness of a dental crown is sufficient to provide greater protection to the teeth.
  • Since all the brittle and damaged parts of the tooth are removed before the fitting of the crown, the tooth does not suffer further damage with a full coverage crown.
  • When Little Tooth structure remains as a result of decay or feature, crowns along with our advanced bonding agents allow us to restore the tooth back to full function.

Like Dental Veneers, crowns are made of porcelain or zirconia and the materials have a wide variety of shades to match the neighboring teeth perfectly.


  • As mentioned earlier, a veneer is considered to be less-invasive and therefore much of the existing tooth is retained during this process.
  • The porcelain used in the veneer can be made to match the exact color of your tooth enamel. Also, there are many solutions that Dental Veneers Houston TX can provide because of their versatility.
  • Veneers are seen to be an initial solution for many people, but they cannot be used in cases wherein the damage is covering every surface of the tooth.

If you are still confused about which option to choose, get a consultation from David B. Fisher D.D.S. today and find out how we can help you restore your beautiful smile.

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