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Dental Bridges

Polish Your Oral Health with Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are highly effective tooth prosthetics because they are designed to fit into your smile and provide you added durability while at the same time enhancing your smile’s aesthetic. Dental bridges can be used to provide a durable tooth restoration replacement to complete your smile, allowing you to enjoy your oral health as intended.If you are ready to improve your smile with a dental bridge, speak with your dentist to determine if they are right for you. Dental bridges will not only help to restore your smile, but they will also improve any ailments associated with lost or missing teeth.

Dr David Fisher Polish Your Oral Health with Dental Bridges

Any issues associated with bite stability and space maintenance can be corrected and improved with dental bridges. Typically, bite stability is lost if you have any missing teeth, because it redistributes the forces correctly amongst your remaining teeth. However, with a complete set of teeth, thanks to dental bridges, this skill can be restored. Furthermore, dental bridges can help enhance and improve features hindered by lost teeth, including speech, chewing, and eating skills.

For more information about dental bridges, David B. Fisher D.D.S. is here to help. For oral health care procedures, we can offer a comprehensive diagnosis from Dr. David B. Fisher and our team at our dentist office serving Dentist Houston TX, Bellaire TX, and West University Place, TX. To set up an appointment, call us at (713) 667-8080.

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