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Foods to Eat to Help Your Teeth

Foods to Eat to Help Your Teeth

Good mouth health depends in part on cleaning your teeth, and in part on what you are feeding them in the first place! Here are some tooth-friendly foods to incorporate into your diet this summer. Almonds: Almonds are a tasty way to get some extra calcium into your diet. With 246 mg of calcium per cup, protein, and loads of healthy crunch, almonds are a great tooth-friendly snack.
Beans: Another non-dairy source of calcium, beans are an excellent vehicle for nutrition. Soybeans, for example, are packed with nutrients (including 515 mg of calcium per cup!), fiber, and protein. White beans and kidney beans are also good non-dairy sources of calcium.

Cheese: Cheese is a delicious way to get added nutrients without extra sugar. Cheese and other dairy products provide calcium and protein to the mouth, strengthening tooth enamel. Try serving a tray of cheese and fruit at your next party in lieu of a sugary dessert.

Fruits and Veggies: Fruits and vegetables provide water to the mouth, cleaning it as they go by scraping plaque and food particles away from teeth. They also provide fiber to the body, balancing out the sugars they contain. Dark leafy greens are especially good for teeth, as they contain high amounts of enamel-strengthening calcium. Fruits and veggies are a flavorful way to help your smile stay bright.

Water: Drink a lot of water! It’s good for our overall health, and fantastic for cleaning food particles and bacteria out of the mouth. Fluoridated water is particularly good for this, and is available to 75% of the United States. Just think, cavity protection right out of your tap!

For more mouth-healthy food options, talk to us at David B. Fisher D.D.S.. We are here to help your whole smile, right from the start! Dr. David B. Fisher and our team are ready to help you. Call (713) 667-8080 to schedule an appointment today with the best dentist in Houston!

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