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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Bellaire, Texas, and the surrounding areas of Houston Galleria, West University Place, River Oaks, and Meyerland, Texas.

A full mouth restoration offers patients who have experienced a variety of dental traumas. From those who grind their teeth (bruxism) to those who have had oral cancer to drug users looking for a fresh start, a full mouth restoration will improve both the aesthetics of your mouth and the function. This helps improve the quality of life and your overall confidence.
Dr David Fisher Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Did you know…

No two full mouth restorations are alike. This procedure is completely customized to meet your needs and can rely on a wide variety of sub-procedures. Because the goal of a full mouth restoration is to improve the health of your teeth, gums, and bite the procedures required to accomplish the end results will vary from person to person. Invisalign in Houston Tx, teeth whitening, dental implants, dental crowns, veneers bellaire, dental bridges, fillings, and more can all be a part of the process. Book your appointment with Dr. Fisher the best Houston Dentist now!!! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Because a full mouth restoration is quite invasive, it’s important that whomever is considering the procedure be in good health. Being healthy will make healing and recovering easier, and will also help you get the best results possible.
The length of your full mouth restoration will depend on how many procedures are required to accomplish our goals and how quickly the patient is motivated to treat the comprehensive treatment plan. A full set of veneers, if done all at once, can be done as quickly as 5 weeks and includes 4-5 visits. Generally, however, you can expect multiple visits over several weeks. This is because each procedure will require recovery time and healing. The benefit is that each procedure will help improve your quality of life and confidence. So each procedure is a step toward a better future.
Because the restoration occurs over several weeks, recovery usually occurs in steps. This allows your body to heal best, so it doesn’t go into shock and reject things like implants. Procedures like fillings require far less healing than something like a dental implant, which requires your bone to heal. During recovery, Dr. David B. Fisher can offer techniques for the patient to heal faster as well as providing medicines and rinses that can ease the discomfort of healing from surgery. None of Dr. David B. Fisher’s patients have ever regretted the decision and commitment that they have made to fix their teeth, bite and cosmetics while undergoing a new smile design. See Dr. Fisher’s Gallery of patients who have improved their smiles at MDavid B. Fisher D.D.S.. Call today to determine if you are a good candidate to work with Dr. David B. Fisher on creating the smile of your dreams.
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