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Dental Care

Holistic, Biological & Biomimetic Dentistry

A holistic dentist practices with the understanding of the close connection the mouth shares with the body as a whole – poor oral health leads to poor physical health and performance. Infection of the teeth, gums and bone can lead to disorders throughout the rest of the body. Dr. Fisher understands this connection well, and practices with improving the patient’s entire overall health. Dr. Fisher also practices safe, biological dentistry – this can mean avoiding potentially toxic metals in fillings and crowns, ordering tests to determine material compatibility, and using dental materials that closely mimic those of natural, disease-free tooth structure. This ideology, called Biomimetic Dentistry, focuses on preserving healthy tooth structure and avoiding root canal therapy whenever possible. When compared to more traditional methods, these concepts can result in greater longevity of natural teeth and the decreased need for root canals, crowns and extractions. Not all holistic dentists are biomimetic dentists. Very few dental schools in the US teach biomimetic dentistry, but Dr. Fisher, who graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) dental school and currently at  dentist houston TX was taught by some of the leading pioneers in biomimetic and adhesion dentistry.

Dr. Fisher offers all porcelain crowns, onlays and veneers, as well as porcelain fillings (inlays) and BPA free, composite bonded fillings. Schedule your consultation today to discuss some of the latest advances in Biological Dentistry with Dr. Fisher!

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