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How Can Laser Dentistry Help You?

Laser Dentistry

Would you be surprised to learn that laser dentistry has been used since the 1990s? What have you heard about laser dentistry? Do you ever wonder how safe laser dentistry is or how laser dentistry can actually benefit you? Luckily, lasers can actually be used as part of a number of treatments. For instance, did you know that lasers can be useful for removing gum tissue that is stopping teeth from erupting? Laser dentistry can also be used to remove gum tissue that is covering teeth—which makes your teeth appear shorter than they actually are. We may also recommend laser dentistry if you have a TMJ disorder, as part of teeth whitening treatments, and to help children who struggle to speak.

Finally, please note that patients who have a fear of the dentist could be good candidates for laser dentistry. If lasers are used as part of your procedure, you may not need anesthesia because they are generally less painful and more precise. Similarly, you may not need stitches since treatments performed with laser dentistry generally have less blood. This also reduces the chances of infection. Similarly, if lasers are used during your treatment, you’ll heal more quickly.

If you have more questions about the benefits of laser dentistry in Houston dentist, Texas, or are hoping to schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. David B. Fisher, please don’t hesitate to contact our dental office by calling (713) 667-8080. We look forward to receiving your call soon.

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