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Is Your Smile Deteriorating Due to Bruxism?

Smile Deteriorating

Is your smile deteriorating due to bruxism? Bruxism is a common, yet often undetected sleep disorder characterized by grinding or gnashing your teeth while unconscious and often done while asleep. Treating bruxism can be done fairly easily with night guards or bite plates, but the difficult task is determining if you even suffer from it, to begin with. Spotting the signs of bruxism can be difficult, but if you have a roommate or sleep partner, ask them if they have ever noticed any signs of you clenching or grinding your teeth as you sleep. Ask them if they have ever noticed any irregular or abnormal sounds coming from you as you sleep that may sound like your teeth are moving. For easier to spot signs, look at your teeth to see if they look worn down or dull. Do they appear flat or shorter than you remember? If so, bruxism could be the cause. Other common symptoms of bruxism include jaw soreness, facial pain, TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, frequent headaches or earaches, gnawed cheek tissue, an indented tongue, and an increase in soreness in your facial area when you wake up.

Don’t delay in visiting our team at David B. Fisher D.D.S. to check if you are suffering from bruxism. To schedule an appointment with Dr. David B. Fisher and our team at our dentist’s office in Bellaire Dental, Texas, please call us at (713) 667-8080. The smile of your dreams is only a visit away!

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