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Oral Health Support: Bruxism

Oral Health Support

Have you ever noticed any strange sounds with any roommates or loved ones sleeping that sound like they are grinding their teeth? If so, they may be suffering from what is known as bruxism, an oral health condition in which individuals gnash and grind their teeth unconsciously. Usually, this occurs while they sleep, which is known as sleep bruxism.If you notice any damage to your mouth, begin to inspect where the damage came from. It may be a good idea to detect it over a period of time to determine if it continually occurs. This includes signs of dental damage in the form of teeth wear. If your teeth are beginning to wear down, and you appear to have flat teeth and worn tooth enamel, it could be linked to bruxism. Other common physical symptoms of bruxism include damage to your cheek tissues from what looks like biting or chewing through the insides of your cheek, as well as indentations on your tongue that may exist as small dents. All the common symptoms of bruxism damage include sore muscles, a sore face or jaw, earaches and headaches, a jaw that won’t fully open or closed, as well as face and jaw pains.Are you interested in receiving high-quality bruxism treatments? If so, you are welcome to call and set up an appointment with Dr. David B. Fisher at our dentist office by contacting us at (713) 667-8080. David B. Fisher D.D.S. looks forward to elevating your smile and your oral health in Dentist Houston TX, Bellaire TX, and West University Place, TX.

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