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Dental Staining Problem Require a Dental Bleaching Treatment

Dental Bleaching Treatment

Dental stains can easily affect your smile if you frequently consume dark beverages or use tobacco products. While this doesn’t reflect directly on the health of your teeth, the unsightly appearance of your smile can often prove off-putting in social situations.At the same time, you’ll likely find that consumer-grade whitening products lack the potency to improve a smile in this condition. To truly restore the whiteness of your smile, you’ll need Dr. David B. Fisher to administer a teeth whitening in Bellaire, Texas.

The professional tools and techniques available to Dr. David B. Fisher can effectively remove stains from deep within tooth enamel, without threatening the health of your teeth or gum tissues. Afterward, he can then help you understand the appropriate measures to preserve your white smile in the long-term.

Dr. David B. Fisher will start by taking measures to protect your gums from the dental bleaching agents. Then he will pour a small amount of concentrated bleaching gel into trays that are held in your mouth for a few minutes.

How long the dental bleaching takes will vary depending on how deeply stained your teeth are, and your personal whitening goals. Once it’s done, Dr. David B. Fisher will use a special ultraviolet light to address any minor areas trouble spots.

If you live in the Bellaire, Texas, area and you are struggling to whiten your stained smile, you should call (713) 667-8080 to schedule a dental bleaching treatment with Dr. David B. Fisher. If you want to visit our dentist in Houston, Texas, to experience dentistry beyond the ordinary, we invite you to contact us today.

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