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Water Flossers Are Popular Thanks to Efficiency

Water Flossers

Did you know water flossers are safe and efficient for cleaning your teeth along the gum line and in between your teeth? Yes, it’s true! Many water flossers have been approved by the American Dental Association to be safe and effective for their proper use. Water flossers work by using a steady beam of water to floss your teeth. To help you learn more about the benefits of water flossing, our dentist Houston, Dr. David B. Fisher with David B. Fisher D.D.S. in Bellaire, Texas, has provided you with a list of information, so you can decide if water flossers are right for you. The benefits and intel of water flossing include:– Water flossers are highly efficient, but products do vary. Always look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on products to determine which ones are best to use.

  • Gum disease can be prevented with sufficient water flossing routines.
  • To make cleaning between your teeth easier, interdental cleaning tools such as water flossers can be used. Water flossers do not use pieces of the thread but instead, rely on steady jets of water to clean between teeth.
  • Water flossers do not use any thread of any sort and instead focus on spraying water on your teeth to clean out debris between them.
  • If you have previous restorations in place in your mouth including bridges or dentures, it may be beneficial to try using a water flosser instead of traditional dental floss.

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