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What Happens When You Fail to Treat Tooth Decay

Treat Tooth Decay

If you’re not careful, the bacteria that create tooth decay could attack your teeth and create cavities. It’s smart to get a cavity treated as soon as possible At an early stage, a cavity can often be fixed with a dental filling. If you don’t get it treated, the decay could spread, and other treatments might be required.If a dental filling isn’t a viable treatment option, a dental crown might be necessary. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that provides strong and natural-looking results. A crown typically replaces the outer shell of the tooth. This treatment involves Dr. David B. Fisher removing the decayed enamel. Then, he will custom make a dental crown that fits perfectly in your smile. When it’s ready, your dentist will cement it over your tooth.Sometimes root canal therapy is required. This is recommended when the decay has infected the internal structures of the tooth, such as the pulp, nerve, and roots. During this treatment, your dentist will remove the decayed sections of the tooth, including the internal structures. Then, he will fill the hole with gutta percha and cover the tooth with a dental crown.
If dental filling, dental crown, and root canal treatments will not be effective, tooth extraction is often necessary. Even though we want to that procedure, it’s sometimes needed when the decay has damaged the entire tooth. During this treatment, your dentist will numb your mouth and remove the tooth.

Do you have any questions about tooth decay treatments in dentist Houston TX? If so, contact David B. Fisher D.D.S. today and talk to a member of our dental team. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment if you have a cavity. We look forward to helping you!

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