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Zoom into a Brighter Smile

Zoom into a Brighter Smile

It’s spring, which means the sun is shining more and everything is brighter. Shouldn’t that also apply to your smile? Many people hide their smiles because their color makes them feel self-conscious. Fortunately, there are many powerful teeth-whitening options you can consider for yourself and your family. First, there are many different kinds of at-home whitening treatments you can try. One common treatment is whitening strips or gel. These are applied directly to the teeth for a period of several days. Another is a tray-based system, where peroxide-based bleaches are put into a tray placed over the teeth. We recommend that you talk with Dr. David B. Fisher before starting an in-home treatment because these products vary greatly in quality and can have negative effects on the teeth if inappropriately used.

For a stronger, more controlled whitening treatment, come into David B. Fisher D.D.S. for our full ZOOM! experience. This is a cost-efficient and highly-effective whitening process used by people all over the country. The whitening gel applied to your teeth will work to remove or lighten stains caused by food, age, smoking, medication, and conditions such as fluorosis. The strength of peroxide we can use is much stronger than what is available to consumers over the counter. Further, we can apply it in a controlled, sanitary environment. Be aware and while it causes no pain, some teeth can become temporarily sensitive after treatment.

You don’t need to hide your smile from the world. The right whitening treatment can get your smile where you always wanted it. Please call our Bellaire Dental, TX, office today to schedule your whitening procedure.

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